33.5" Blue Roan Stallion. A beautiful Silver Blue roan stallion with a charming personality has made him already a halter veteran and cart horse. He has a beautiful trot and is a showy crowd pleaser.

Bently Buckaroo's Bloodline

Little Kings Bagherra Buckaroo
Boones Little Buckaroo
Little Kings Mon Ami
Las Doradas Little Ditto Willowbrooks Moonshadow
Les Petites Liberte

33.5" Silver Roan Stallion. He has shown successfully in Michigan AMHR, he is double registered. Winner in Model, Halter & Color. Places top 2 in Jumping consistantly and has also placed in Liberty. Rebel is a very sharp silver blue roan color with no white on him. He has not been used for stud service as of yet but loves to prance. He has started long lining for under the cart.

Rowdy's Bloodline

Rattlesnake Bayou Rowdy Sugar Buck
NFC Rowdys Rascal
NFCS Sugar Baby
Lulu Hogg Boss Hogg

A Liver-Grey Stallion that is a wopping 29 inches tall. 2007's Western Regional Reserve Champion Jr Stallion for 28" and under. He has a beautiful trot and is a showy little mover.

Mini Me's Bloodline

Hunt House Farms Pay Offs Shadow
NFC Egyptian Kings Pay Off
NFC Dandys Velvet Shadow
Inch High Destiny Delight
Alvadars Double Destiny
NFC Little Mans Velveteen

33.5" Black and White Pinto Stallion that has been DNA Tested. Taking third in color at the 2008 AMHA Reno, NV Show. He has a woderful confirmation and attitude which makes him very lovable.

Circuit Breaker's Bloodline

Flabys Wonder Man
Stars Enterprise
X Cellent Bird Vant Huttenest
Tiny Heartbeats Summer Mystery
Boones Little Andy
Kieferts Minne Mouse Lady